Sevens Femminile: Scozia, tutto pronto per l’ultima tappa del Rugby Europe Women’s Sevens Trophy

Lisa Thomson scozia femminile
Alba Ovale – 2016

La Scozia Sevens Femminile è pronta ad affrontare l’ultima tappa del Rugby Europe Women’s Sevens Trophy, in programma il prossimo fine settimana ad Esztergom, in Ungheria. Dopo il successo raccolto ad Ostrava (in Rep.Ceca) il mese scorso, le ragazze di coach Scott Wight sono adesso ad un passo dalla conquista del Torneo che garantirebbe loro la qualificazione al Rugby Europe Grand Prix.

Il torneo sarà trasmesso in diretta sul sito di Rugby Europe TV.

Wight ha confermato in blocco il gruppo che ha dominato la prima tappa, vincendo tutte le partite e marcando 42 mete – contro una sola concessa alle avversarie. La Scozia, guidata da Lisa Thomson, sfiderà Malta, Rep.Ceca e Finlandia nella Pool A sabato 22 luglio, mentre gli accoppiamenti per la fase ad eliminazione diretta in programma domenica si conosceranno solo al termine della fase a gironi.

The competition among the extended squad has been fierce and the players have challenged each other to improve every week. The effort from the whole group has been outstanding and has driven us forward since we came together at the start of summer,” ha detto Wight al sito ufficiale della Scottish Rugby.

The squad who played in Czech achieved what we set out too and will take confidence from winning the first round, but we are only half way through the job of gaining promotion to the Grand Prix so mustn’t be complacent.
Last time we took three un-capped players, who did really well, among the more experienced players with all 12 proving they are strong enough to start.
I think the balance was right in terms of experience and the combinations complemented each other which is why I’ve gone for a settled selection. Our build-up over the past month has been really strong and everyone is excited to kick-off the second round on Saturday.

Scotland Women 7s 
Abi Evans (Hillhead Jordanhill)
Megan Gaffney (Edinburgh University)
Lauren Harris (Melrose)
Rhona Lloyd* (Edinburgh University)
Lisa Martin* (Murrayfield Wanderers)
Jenny Maxwell (Lichfield)
Louise McMillan* (Hillhead Jordanhill)
Elizabeth Musgrove (Edinburgh University)
Helen Nelson* (Murrayfield Wanderers)
Chloe Rollie* (Murrayfield Wanderers)
Hannah Smith (Hillhead Jordanhill)
Lisa Thomson* (Edinburgh University)

*BT Sport Scottish Rugby Academy Stage 2 Player


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