6 Nations Femminile: Francia, Boujard prende due settimane di squalifica

scozia francia 6 nations femminile
Alba Ovale – 2016

La Francia Femminile sarà costretta a fare a meno di Caroline Boujard, squalificata oggi per due settimane dalla commissione disciplinare del 6 Nations dopo esser stata citata per un presunto placcaggio irregolare – per cui ha già ricevuto il cartellino giallo durante la gara di Twickenham.

Boujard non sarà quindi disponibile per la sfida contro la Scozia, in programma sabato sera a La Rochelle.

Ecco il comunicato ufficiale del 6 Nations:

“France replacement winger, Caroline Boujard, appeared today before an independent Disciplinary Committee, having been cited for tackling an opposition player whilst she was in the air, in contravention of Law 10.4(i), during the Women’s Six Nations match between England and France at Twickenham on Saturday 4 February (for which she had also been issued a yellow card).  

Ms Boujard accepted that she had committed an act of foul play which was worthy of a red card, and claimed that the action had been reckless rather than deliberate.

The Disciplinary Committee, chaired by Achille Reali (Italy), alongside Pamela Woodman (Scotland) and Jennifer Donovan (Ireland), having reviewed the footage of the incident and all other evidence, as well as hearing submissions from the player and her representatives, agreed that the act was reckless, and categorised the offending as low end, which carries a four week entry point under World Rugby’s sanction table.  The Committee further determined that there were no aggravating factors and the player had meet all mitigating factors permitted, and therefore decided to reduce the entry point by two weeks.  

The player is therefore suspended from playing rugby for a total of two weeks.  Taking into consideration that the player has no scheduled matches on the weekend of 18/19 February, the player is suspended until mid-night on Sunday 26 February.  The player is therefore eligible to play again on Monday 27 February.”

(updated alle 9.42pm)



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