“il rugby (europeo) degli altri”: Earls, l’EPCR dichiara il caso “chiuso”

EPCR neutroEPCR ha annunciato con un comunicato stampa (che riportiamo integralmente più sotto) di aver chiuso il caso relativo alle dichiarazioni di Keith Earls, ala di Munster, dopo il rosso ricevuto nel match giocato il mese scorso contro i Warriors al Thomond Park.

Earls, che ha lasciato i suoi in inferiorità per più di un’ora dopo un placcaggio pericoloso su Fraser Brown, aveva detto in un’intervista post-partita che il tallonatore dei Warriors, sostanzialmente, aveva colto l’occasione per far sembrare il tip-tackle peggiore per farlo espellere.

Oggi il giocatore ha rilasciato delle dichiarazioni attraverso il sito ufficiale di Munster Rugby: “I wish to address my part in the Champions Cup Munster v Glasgow Warriors game and a subsequent interview I held, as the incident in question has rumbled on for a number of weeks and in addressing this I hope to put to bed a matter that has escalated because of my own doing.

In a poorly worded interview on my part I failed to acknowledge that I apologised to Fraser Brown for my actions during the Munster v Glasgow Warriors game. I also failed to confirm that I acknowledged I had committed an act of foul play, and fully accepted the corresponding sanction, apologising to Glasgow Warriors and EPCR for my conduct.

I have since written to EPCR once again confirming my acceptance of the disciplinary decision and outcome. I have also addressed the misunderstanding directly with Fraser and unreservedly apologised again for my actions and the wording I used during the interview. 

I hope this paints a clearer picture for all and I believe it is important October 22nd in Thomond Park is remembered for the right reasons and not for something I deeply regret.”

EPCR ha quindi rilasciato un comunicato stampa in cui dichiara conclusa l’indagine aperta dopo le parole di Earls:

EPCR has concluded an enquiry into statements in the media by Munster Rugby wing, Keith Earls.
Following his red card in the European Rugby Champions Cup match between Munster Rugby and Glasgow Warriors on Saturday, 22 October at Thomond Park, Earls was found by an independent Disciplinary Committee to have committed an act of foul play contrary to Law 10.4 (j) (Dangerous tackling) during the match, and a playing suspension of two weeks was imposed by the committee.
Part of the evidence heard by the committee had been that Earls had acknowledged that his role in the tackle had been wrong and that he had apologised after the match for the tackle.
In a subsequent media article, Earls was quoted in such a way that suggested that he did not accept that he had committed an act of foul play, and that in his view his role in the tackle was not something for which he needed to apologise.
EPCR wrote to the player to enquire about this. In his response, Earls made it clear to EPCR that he acknowledges that the tackle in question had been an act of foul play on his part and that he sincerely regrets his role in the tackle. He also acknowledged that it had been wrong of him to have suggested otherwise when speaking to representatives of the media, when he has a responsibility to uphold the image of the game, and he offered an unreserved apology to EPCR.
In light of all of the circumstances, EPCR has accepted Keith Earls’ position and no further action will be taken.”


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