“il rugby degli altri”: Canada, niente PRO Rugby. Ma la federazione non ci sta

screen-shot-2016-11-03-at-08-05-32La Federazione Canadese ha espresso con un comunicato stampa, che riportiamo integralmente più sotto, tutto il proprio disappunto in riferimento al mancato accordo per l’allargamento del torneo organizzato da PRO Rugby alle squadre canadesi.

Tra i tanti punti su cui Rugby Canada e PRO Rugby non hanno trovato l’accordo, quello più importante pare essere “clause that would have prevented Rugby Canada from sanctioning other professional rugby that wanted to come to Canada in the future”.

Per ora, quindi, non ci sarà un campionato professionistico di rugby in Nord America sul modello di quelli di basket e ice hockey.

LANGFORD, BC – Rugby Canada is disappointed an agreement couldn’t be reached with PRO Rugby to allow the U.S.-based professional league to expand into Canada, Rugby Canada CEO Allen Vansen said today.

PRO Rugby, which just completed its inaugural season, has teams in five U.S. cities and talks have been held with Rugby Canada over the last several months about the league expanding into Canada in 2017.

Vansen said there was disagreement over a number of clauses in the sanction agreement, however the matter of an exclusivity clause that would have prevented Rugby Canada from sanctioning other professional rugby that wanted to come to Canada in the future was the primary stumbling block.

“Rugby Canada greatly appreciates the investment Mr. Schoninger and PRO Rugby are making in the development of professional Rugby in North America,” said Vansen. “However, we cannot limit and restrict the opportunities that established international professional rugby would bring to Canada for the benefit of our players and the growth of the game.”

Rugby Canada believes there is a strong demand for professional rugby in Canada. The expansion of PRO Rugby competition with Canadian teams would strengthen PRO Rugby’s competition and help to further develop the game in Canada. 

“We want to support Mr. Schoninger in his efforts to create a strong, successful competition in North America and remain committed to this goal,” said Vansen.

The growth of rugby in Canada remains a top priority for Rugby Canada.

“We are exercising every opportunity possible to strengthen and develop Canadian Rugby,” said Vansen. “We must act in the best interest of our players, members and stakeholders and any such agreement must be fair and reasonable for Rugby Canada. We cannot relinquish control over this important growth opportunity for our game to another organization.”


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