La SRU risponde alla polemica scatenata dalla PRL

Alba Ovale – 2016

La Scottish Rugby ha emesso un comunicato stampa con cui risponde alla polemica scatenata dalla PRL (e ripresa da The Rugby Paper) circa un contenzioso con alcune Federazioni, tra cui la SRU, e l’associazione che rappresenta i club di Premiership inglese.

Ecco il testo integrale del comunicato stampa.

Scottish Rugby has welcomed its England based players back into Scotland camp ahead of the Autumn Internationals this weekend.

It is disappointed in the stance taken by PRL to use a single historic player case as negotiation around player release through Regulation 9 ahead of the Autumn Tests.

The outstanding medical case cited by PRL – relating to one player dating from 2013 –  has no connection to any Scottish International currently playing in the Aviva Premiership so the decision by PRL to threaten the release of current England-based players in this context was both unhelpful and inappropriate.

Regulation 9 is being enforced by World Rugby to ensure that players are made available.

A Scottish Rugby spokesman said: “We usually have a good working relationship with PRL and so this tactic by them was both surprising and unnecessary.

“The case in dispute is historical. We have repeatedly offered to have an independent medical panel review the specifics of this case, but this has not been followed up by PRL and its Club.

“As a Union we take our responsibilities for player welfare seriously and have respected the necessary processes throughout.”

Scottish Rugby is happy to clarify the following context.

–          The Scottish player case raised by PRL is historic and relates to an unresolved medical assessment of the injury status of a player no longer involved in the Scotland squad.

–          After his Premiership Club disputed the medical assessment Scottish Rugby offered on two occasions to resolve the matter through an independent medical arbitration process, and both times this offer was not followed up.

–          Scottish Rugby has not withheld fees or insurance payments and the costs under dispute are in the tens of thousands, not the six figures quoted by PRL. If an independent arbitration rules that a payment is due, then Scottish Rugby will honour that ruling.

Player welfare is central to Scottish Rugby’s operations. We have some of the most experienced and respected medical staff in the sport working with our home-based and national team players. We have an outstanding medical record.”



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