Pro12: Edinburgh, mercoledì si discute il piano per l’ “operazione-Myreside”

Edinburgh Rugby ha invitato tutti i cittadini interessati ad un incontro pubblico che si terrà mercoledì prossimo, 31 agosto, tra le 4pm e le 7pm al Myreside Pavilion (79 Myreside Road), per discutere il piano presentato per il “trasloco” dalla Highland Cathedral al Myreside previsto per gennaio 2017.

Jonny Petrie, Managing Director dei Gunners ha detto che “this move to Myreside is about creating a strong future for the club and creating a better experience for fans and players, but we are very mindful that this move will be a change for the communities who live and work in the area.
We would like to encourage the community to attend this event to find out more information about our proposals and pose any questions they may have.
In addition to sharing our plans to erect temporary stands and adapt the ground for Edinburgh Rugby fans, we will be able to share our transport plan to alleviate traffic and parking pressures on match days. This will include the creation of a park and ride service and additional car parking provision.

Al momento non sono ancora iniziati i lavori al Myreside.


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